Yesterday the famous Muttaburrasaurus at the Queensland Museum celebrated it’s 50th birthday and to remember the occasion the museum has released a new children’s book.

Muttaburrasaurus Langdoni, yes it is quite a mouthful to say but it gets its name from the town of Muttuburra in Queensland where it was excavated half a century ago and the local grazier who found it DOug Landon

Doug his daughter, and Queensland Museum Network CEO Professor Suzanne Miller, were out yesterday to celebrate 50 years of the Muttaburrasaurus and launch the new children’s book -Happy Birthday Muttaburrasaurus.

Professor Suzanne Miller was pleased the Langdons could make the journey.

“The Queensland Museum is a long way from Muttaburra, so we are fortunate that the Langdon family have made this trip to celebrate this milestone with us,” she said.

The early childhood book features the newly named Muttaburrasaurus, Dougie, on his birthday. The character’s name was chosen from a pool of entries with Dougie being submitted by Townsville’s Sue Collins, who happens to be Doug Langdon’s own daughter.

Professor Miller had high praise for the Muttaburrasaurus on its birthday.

“Muttaburrasaurus has long been a beloved feature of the Queensland Museum at South Bank, and he now takes pride and place at the centre of our latest exhibition, Lost Creatures: Stories from Ancient Queensland.”

3 facts about the Muttaburrasaurus Langdoni

1. The Muttaburrasaurus Langdoni roamed the Australian landscape around 100 million years ago.

2. Muttaburrasaurus belonged to the ornithopod group of dinosaurs, that were in general plant eating dinosaurs.

3.One of the most distinctive features of Muttaburrasaurus was an nflated, hollow bony chamber on the animal’s snout.

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