Producers have announced that ‘Eight’, a film starring acting royalty Libby Munro from All Saints, will shoot in Brisbane in just over a month.

With lips tightly sealed about exact locations, producers talked excitedly today for the first time publicly about Queensland’s first one-take feature film.

The film is a snapshot into the life of Sarah Prentice- a sufferer of severe OCD and agoraphobia.

Sarah had a life, once. She had a husband, and a daughter. She had holidays. But now she is locked in a personal hell; suffering severe OCD and agoraphobia, she is alone and battling to get her life – and her control – back.

The production team is made up of a Brisbane duo, Peter Blackburn and Graham Young of Blacmac Productions based in Wynnum and Darra and independent producer Caitlin Johnston of Toowong.

Writer and Director of Eight, Peter Blackburn says he was inspired by real-life stories for the one-take film.

“Pregnancy can sometimes bring on OCD, the after-effects of childbirth can actually cause OCD…it’s an ongoing thing that builds and builds and builds,” he says.

Peter and Graham they have set themselves an enormous technical and logistical challenge in attempting to shoot this incredibly raw and moving film in one take.

“Everything will be laid bare for the audience to see. Every triumph, every mistake, every detail, every eighth repetition – you will see it all.”

The production team recently announced the lead role would be played by Charleville-born star Libby Munro (All Saints).

Libby says of playing the part of Sarah, “she has been doing research about the character since she got the script and is extremely passionate about it.

This style of filmmaking has never been seen before in a Queensland-made feature film and the team will take the finished product to Official Competition at the worldwide-recognized Cannes Film Festival in March 2014.

But before all that can happen, the film is receiving support through crowd-funding website Indiegogo and the campaign closing soon. Producers are encouraging people to show their support with their goal to reach $8000 by early January and they are already more than half way there.

You can donate to help raise funds to help bring the film to production and all the funds will go to covering costs for:

– Camera and lens hire 
– Grip hire
– Lighting hire
– Actor’s fee
– Keeping the cast and crew fed and watered on the shoot
– Post-production (editing, colour grading)