The time for giving is upon us and many feel the need to give back and volunteer, but shouldn’t we be volunteering all year round? Well Volunteering Australia thinks so and we can see why.

At this time of year many kind souls are thinking about giving back to their community and helping people in need. Volunteering Australia’s CEO Brett Williamson has acknowledged the rise in volunteering numbers around Christmas and the New Year.

“At this time of year, it’s wonderful to see how many people of all ages and backgrounds put up their hand to volunteer and give back to their communities. Imagine what we could accomplish if more people volunteered during the rest of the year as well,” says Brett.

Over the holiday period volunteering services are flooded with willing participants but soon as the Christmas buzz dies down these same programs struggle to find volunteers and consequently can’t do as much to help communities in need. Mr Williamson urges everyone to realize how much some of these organisations struggle after the holiday period.

“The services and programs powered by volunteers over the holidays are also provided throughout the year and many organisations struggle once the holiday season is over. Helping others is easier than you think”

With out the support of volunteers, organisations like Blue Care could not exist. I know volunteering can sound a little mundane and everyone has a different excuse for why they can’t do it; I don’t have enough time; I don’t have someone to look after the kids; I won’t be making that much of a difference; I can’t find anything that interests me. Any of these sound familiar? Well now Volunteering Australia has a new search tool to help you find the perfect volunteer position that not only will align with your interests but can work with your availability as well. is an easy to use search engine designed to help you find the exact volunteering position you are after.

“Consider what you are passionate about and how that might translate into a rewarding volunteering experience,” Brett said.

There are over 500 not for profit organisations using the new website and there are over 17,000 positions posted from all over Australia.

So head to and find a volunteering opportunity that excites you.