The Video Stamp is Australia post’s latest idea to bring families closer together this Christmas. The Video Stamp is an easy free service that allows you to send your friends and loved ones a video message with your parcel.

You have conquered the gift buying panic and slaved over buying and making all your friends’ and families’ gifts,  now it’s time to start the process of distributing them. If your  family is all over the world it can be hard not seeing them at Christmas time, but now Australia Post has added a personal touch to their parcels.

When you need to send a package this Christmas embrace Australia Post’s latest technology and have a go at a Video Stamp. This new idea has been available since November and is the perfect way to add an interactive and personal  element to your post.

Australia Post Executive General Manager, Parcel & Express Services, Richard Umbers, said the Video Stamp is one of the many ways Australia Post is helping people connect with each other this festive season.

“Christmas is a time when people want to be with their loved ones but more and more friends and family are scattered across the country and around the globe,”

“This year we are doing more than ever to eliminate the tyranny of distance. The Video Stamp lets you send a little piece of yourself with your gift this Christmas,” Mr Umbers said.

The Video Stamp is being distributed free with any Express Post and Express Courier International products during the pre-Christmas period. Plus its really easy to use, all you need is the Video Stamp app which is available on the Apple App store or for androids on Google Play.  Check out the video below for all the information on using a Video Stamp.



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