Stuck for Secret Santa ideas? Buying presents isn’t always easy, especially when it’s for your boss or a coworker you barely know.

We’ve got five fool-proof methods for the perfect gift to help those desperate Santas out there that are feeling clueless about what to get for that semi-stranger at work. The trick is to show a little effort and make it as personal as possible. If that seems like more of a challenge than shimmying down the chimney, read on…

1. Something useful

There are lots of fun, useful items that people won’t normally buy for themselves, like an interesting stationery-holder, a nice beach towel or a fancy pen. A keychain breathalyser could come in handy over the silly season’s festivities and isn’t something a lot of people already own while a personalised mug for the work cabinet can be used all year long.

2. Something funny

The internet was possibly invented to make finding gag gifts easier, but heading to op-shops is a great option as well. With hundreds of new and used items under $10, you’re sure to find something for anyone there, and the money goes to a great cause as well.

3. Something personal

Remember that joke you shared at the water cooler that time about that movie? Buy them the DVD! But genuinely having no contact with your recipient doesn’t mean you can’t give them a personalised gift – try making something yourself to show you’ve put in effort and add a touch of something special.

4. Something Christmas-y

This time of year there’s no end of Christmas products available in stores, but you can also theme your gift by adding fancy wrapping (like these specially-wrapped chocolate bars) or decorations. This is a great generic gift idea that will be appropriate and on-the-mark.

5. Something tasty

The easiest present to buy and the domain of the truly desperate, buying a food or drink present doesn’t have to be as boring as it seems. Put together a cute Christmas hamper or themed food, or bake something that shows you’ve put in the effort. Find out their favourite beverage and buy the special Christmas edition. Don’t just buy a bottle of wine and hope they like Chardonnay.


What are your Secret Santa ideas? Do you have a go-to Christmas present for coworkers?

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