Following overwhelming community feedback, restricted fuel-powered boats will be allowed on Wivenhoe Dam from 14 December 2013.

“Vessels with low emission motors, such as four-strokes or fuel-injected two-strokes, travelling at a maximum speed of six knots will be allowed on Lake Wivenhoe this summer,” says Water Supply Minister Mark McArdle.

This was a decision based on an extensive review of recreation at South East Queensland dams and catchments taken earlier this year.

“In June 2013, Seqwater commenced a major recreation review of 23 recreation dams grouped into 10 clusters, with Lakes Wivenhoe, Somerset and Atkinson the first to be reviewed,” says McArdle. “The review involved extensive consultation to seek input on what recreational opportunities the community would like to see on and around the lakes.”

The change in policy largely reflects the popularity of recreational fishing.

“This demonstrates the commitment of the Newman Government to local tourism opportunities as a part of growing Queensland’s four pillar economy and delivering on our promise to get the state back on track,” says McArdle.

“To obtain a permit boats need to be registered and if you’re planning on fishing, you’ll also need to have a fishing permit,” says Seqwater Acting Chief Executive Officer Peter Dennis. “For safety reasons and to protect the shore around the lake, vessels can only be launched and retrieved from the public boat ramps at Hamon Cove and Logan Inlet.”

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