Want to avoid being the talk of the office the morning after the Christmas party? Don’t want a repeat of last year’s table top karaoke performance? Follow our simple tips to ensure you are the perfect party guest this silly season.

Your work Christmas party is a great opportunity to relax and celebrate with work colleagues. Unfortunately the combination of alcohol, plenty of food and the Christmas spirit can spell disaster for employees and employers alike. Here are a few rules to follow so you have an enjoyable night and can still show your face around the office the following day.

1.  Don’t drink too much

The golden rule of work events – do not over indulge in alcohol. If you follow this number one tip then most of the others will be easy to avoid. Give yourself a realistic drinking limit for the evening and drink slowly so you can monitor the number of drinks you have actually had. Also remember not drinking at all is another option,  you don’t have to give in to the pressure of getting sloshed!

2. Dress to impress

Depending on when and where the party is being held make sure you dress appropriately, if the invite says cocktail don’t turn up in jeans and a t-shirt or a floor length ball gown. Dressing to impress means following the brief not over doing it and not under dressing either. For more details on what to wear to your work Christmas Party bmag’s fashion guru Laura Stead-Churchill has you covered.

3. Don’t over share

This pretty much applies to every aspect of conversation; don’t unload your personal life, don’t speak behind peoples backs, don’t corner your boss, don’t gush over or insult anyone. You don’t need your work friends knowing the intimate details of your life and most of the time over-sharing will just lead to awkwardness in the workplace.

4. Don’t flirt or fight 

This one is vital to maintaining mutual respect in the workplace, even if your work party is at a bar it  doesn’t mean you should behave like you are at one. Try to avoid overly flirtatious behavior or bad mouthing someone and starting a punch up. Bad reviews tend to stick so if you are called the office flirt or office jerk it can be very hard to shake.

5. Have fun

The most important rule and yes it is a definite cliche – make sure you have some fun. Whether it is having a  casual laugh with your boss or busting out some tasteful moves on the dance floor, the work Christmas party is meant to be fun. So  relax and enjoy it , Christmas only comes around once a year!

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Do you have any cringe worthy work Christmas party stories, why not share them with us?