More than just pancakes and frogs, the new mobile app from Red Frogs is keeping Schoolies safe.

As Schoolies begins to draw to a close, Red Frogs volunteers are positive their new app has had a huge impact on managing volunteers’ time and providing Schoolies with a safer and more enjoyable experience.

Every year the Red Frogs volunteers head to Schoolies hot spots in Australia and Bali to offer support, walk Schoolies back to their hotels, clean up rooms, build friendships, give out red frogs and make pancakes.

In the past these volunteers had to record the incidents and activities in a printed booklet and then manually enter them into an online portal.

Red Frogs Operational Manager Brendan Hannah says the new app has helped volunteers become more efficient and place more focus and energy on the safety of Schoolies.

In the first week of Schoolies alone the Red Frogs assisted in more than 2000 walk homes, making more than 20,000 pancakes and handing out 2.4 tonnes of Red Frogs.

The Red Frogs manages more than 1500 volunteers and the app recorded more than 7000 incidents and activities within its first week.

Brendan says the acceptance and adoption of the app by the volunteers has been immediate.

“Every single team of volunteers is now using the app to collect data and the app has saved us hundreds of hours of data entry,” he says.

Red Frogs and Mobile Technologies collaborated to develop the mobile app that would allow them to record real-time data and keep track of incidents and activities occurring during the Schoolies period in a cloud based solution for data.

Red Frogs are grateful for the help of Mobile Technologies and are positive the new app will continue to have a huge impact on keeping Schoolies safe.

In our recent bmag Your Say poll 70% said Schoolies was out of control and should be stopped. Do you think community volunteers like the Red Frogs are helping to provide a safer environment and reduce the amount of out of control Schoolies?