Designing sisters and Brisbane illustrators, Megan Hess and Kerrie Hess are making their mark on the world, separately.

From fashion campaigns to illustrating for exclusive brands, Designing sisters Megan and Kerrie Hess have forged separate careers and achieved the international success many only dream about.

Kerrie’s work has graced the covers of fashion magazines and store windows for some of the most hallowed names in fashion, from Christian Louboutin to Louis Vuitton, but it’s her first solo exhibition in her home town –opening 28 November – that has her excited.  “I’ve been hard at work for the past few months preparing some new works,” says Kerrie. “I’m excited to be showing in my home town for my first solo exhibition.”

Kerrie has moved back to Brisbane after many years abroad in London, Hong Kong and Paris. “My son is five and once he starts school I want to be settled for him. Paris has really influenced my work but the world is so small now, most of my work I can do from my studio so there’s no difference where I’m based.”

Megan Hess has collaborated with Montblanc Australia, the maker of exquisite writing instruments and watches, to create four limited edition prints including The Couple which graces the latest bmag cover. “I may have watched too much Downton Abbey,” she says. “But I wanted the couple in front of their gorgeous homestead, the vintage Audi, Montblanc luggage to their side and the family pooch.”

Megan will auction a number of these limited edition prints with proceeds going to UNICEF. In 2008 Megan illustrated the New York Times best selling book Sex and The City and went on to illustrate for Vanity Fair, Time, Chanel, Dior, Tiffany & Co and Vogue. Will we see the sisters collaborate? “We tend to be in our own creative worlds. I’m sure one day we’ll do something together,” Megan says. While Kerrie is home with us to stay, Megan says “I still call Brisbane home and always will. Just the feel of that sunshine on my skin when I arrive at the Brisbane Airport is the best feeling in the world.”