A new survey unveils what Australians think of success and how to achieve it both professionally and personally.

It’s Global Entrepreneurship Week and bmag‘s got the inside scoop on what (and how) Australians think about success.

While there is a growing trend of Aussies leaving behind the security of a corporate job to be their own boss (often spurred by a desire for independence or pursuit of passion), over 90 percent of Australians still believe it’s “easier” to work for someone rather than have their own business.

John Carter, founder of Lifestyle Advantage (a business advisory company), acknowledges the shift in behaviour.

“There’s a definite movement toward a micro-entrepreneurship economy, built on the foundation of empowerment of individuals… an opportunity now exists for an enabling environment, as people definitely see the financial and personal benefits of creating his or her own wealth, but lack the tools and support to take the next steps to achieving this.”

Lack of self-belief and confidence seems to be what’s keeping Australians down. The CoreData Research Australia survey showed over a third of respondents associated “failure” with embarrassment and financial loss and only about four percent associated it with feedback and explanation. Over half believe it is not easy to be professionally successful, and self-limitation is mentioned as the main barrier.

“I want to help remove self-sabotage thinking, as it was revealed through the research the greatest barrier to people’s success is the fear of failure and embarrassment,” says Carter.

Are you brave enough to follow your dreams or does self-doubt stop you? Let us know your tips for overcoming that voice in your head that says you can’t do it!