”The Way of the Quest’ – It’s not a question, it’s a personal quest.

If you’ve felt unhappy, anxious or depressed it could be linked to having a lack of defined meaning or purpose in your life.

Brisbane medical doctor and psychiatrist Dr George Blair-West has written a novel ‘The Way of the Quest’ which addresses the importance of finding one’s meaning and purpose in life and shows readers how to find what they are passionate about and how to make sense of their particular life.

As a psychotherapist Dr Blair-West works in just three areas: trauma therapy, relationship therapy and the psychology and sabotage of weight loss. He has found among these areas and other psychological conditions, the fundamental need to find our meaning and purpose in life underpins these conditions.

The Way of the Quest is based in the Elizabethan era and Dr Blair-West explains he’s always been enthralled by the era and he wanted to pick a great time in history to base the novel that the whole family could read.

In his line of work, he helps people find their meaning and purpose, which is different for each individual.

“Meaning is what you look forward to doing and going forward purpose becomes what you do more as part of your life.

“When we don’t know the answer, we’re left feeling like an idiot… we need to stop people adding the ‘ion’, as a quest can take some years,” he says.

He says people may be in a good relationship or have a great job, but he’s seen that it isn’t enough when everything isn’t rewarding as a whole and you’re unsatisfied with your life.

“You can’t be truly happy if you haven’t figured your meaning and purpose out,” Dr Blair-West says.

The “self-help novel” The Way of the Quest is designed to help people develop both self-confidence and happiness by making sense of their life.

Dr Blair-West says there are many ancient wisdom’s within the novel, with his particular favourite belonging to Aristotle.

“He said the point of life is to pursue and achieve eudaimonia, which is often mistranslated into happiness.

“It actually means the feeling you get when you pursue a life based around your unique mix of abilities and talents,” he says.

The Way of the Quest is out 1 December 2013, you can pre-purchase your copy for Christmas now.