My Kitchen Rules favourites and personal trainers Luke and Scott address the trend of ‘Clean Living’ in their new book.

Luke and Scott say what people post as ‘clean eating’ through Instagram filters can be quite different to their classification of the phrase.

“Some people post a bowl of pesto and call it ‘clean living’…but that’s not quite it,” says Scott.

Luke and Scott address the trend in their first book ‘Clean Living’, which gives an insight into their healthy style of eating, with a three-week healthy lifestyle plan, with fully illustrated exercise plans and paleolithic recipes.

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What is a paleolithic style of eating? Scott describes it as being central to clean living, “based upon what our ancestors thrived and prospered on 2 million years ago – basically a hunter-gatherer diet.”

‘But I can’t afford to eat paleo or healthy’ is something Scott hears a lot, and he says people need to stop putting a price on their health, otherwise they’ll pay for it later.

Scott says he wouldn’t be such a strong advocate of the paleolithic style if it wasn’t attainable, affordable and successful, having experienced the lifestyle for the past 10 years.

Scott explains the healthy lifestyle plan was chosen to span three-week as research suggests 21 days is long enough to break habits and form new ones.

“I believe there is a health and fitness movement currently, people are coming very conscious of what they’re eating and where it comes from and people are starting to engage more in fitness,” Scott says.

Luke Hines & Scott Gooding say: “We are delighted and excited to release our first book, Clean Living, with Hachette Australia. We have a duty of care to Australia to share our knowledge on health and wellness, and this first publication is a fantastic opportunity to share our passion and commitment to a happy and fulfilling life.”

Scott says the recipes within the book are quick and easy to follow, with ingredients that won’t have you thinking ‘what is that?’ or ‘where do I even get those?’

His favourites are the Mexican chicken and linguine dish with poached trout.

Luke Hines & Scott Gooding’s Clean Living book is out now.