Do Monday’s get you down? How to beat the Monday blues? Here’s a way to stay organised and alleviate your stress levels

Poor Monday, he’s the shriveled strawberry at the bottom of the punnet, the weird cousin you don’t want to see on Christmas day or the milk carton that’s always empty. Basically Monday is an annoyance that comes around all too often. Do you suffer from gnawing anxiety on Sunday night? Or plan a weekend getaway as a way of ignoring the piles of work building up on your desk? No need to visit a doctor, allow me to diagnose you. You are suffering from the Monday blues! The question is how do you beat the Monday blues?

Right now we’re heading into the stressful time of year that makes us want to pull our hair out. Holiday obligations are flowing in, school is wrapping up and each day seems like a mountain you’ll never climb. But the answer is not to cut back, it’s to get organised. Start each Monday by making a list, but not just any list. Forgetting writing down a slew of boring obligations and instead mix it up.

…….Introducing the do’s and don’t’s of the list with a twist.

Do: Create your list first thing on Monday morning, before you get distracted and feel overwhelmed with what has to be done.

Don’t: Make your list boring. Our weeks are full of highs and lows and your list should reflect that. Is your favorite TV show on tonight? Write it down! Having a tasty lunch with friends on Thursday? Add it in! This will highlight the things you have to look forward to.

Do: Combine items on your list to be more efficient. Are there work morning teas, birthdays or meals on your list that require supplies? Pencil in a shopping trip, grab them all at once and feel smugly superior with your organization skills.

Don’t: Have your list only accessible from one place. Whether it’s on your smart phone or in a pocket notebook you should be able to access your list wherever you are.

Do: Break your list up into days. Take a few moments on Monday morning to plan out your week, obligations and workload and set your tasks for each day. This will make you feel in control of the week ahead and you’ll start looking forward to your Monday morning planning session and the sense of control you take from it.

How do you get through Monday? How would write up your own list with a twist? Tell us in the comments, we’d love to hear your thoughts!