Kevin Rudd has announced his retirement with a teary farewell and thanks to his family. So today we remember some of Mr Rudd’s greatest hits and let’s be honest misses.

Kevin Rudd’s retirement speech was emotional as the former Prime Minister broke down in Parliament. He certainly has given everyone a lot to talk about over the years and added a bit of ‘ocker’ to Aussie politics.

There is no denying that Kevin Rudd had a certain way with words many of the most memorable moments of the former Prime Minister revolve around his colourful language habits. However there were political highs and lows that Mr Rudd will also be remembered for.

Slinging Slang:

Mr Rudd loved to assert that he was an ‘Aussie bloke’ this led to him using phrases like the unforgettable “fair shake of the sauce bottle” and “rough end of the pineapple.” Half the time Australians weren’t exactly sure what he was talking about.

However many embraced his unusual slang, it even inspired a Nando’s radio ad.

He is also known for his sign off “gotta zip” he used it on several occasions to end press conferences and even as his sign off in his retirement speech.

“On this final occasion at parliament and as is now officially recorded in the classics for occasion such as this, it really is time for me to zip,” he said.

Did he just say what I think he said?

If Australia had a swear jar Mr Rudd would have been emptying his pockets on several occasions. We won’t go into the gritty details but Kevin did not shy away from using colourful language, dropping the ‘f’ bomb on more than one occasion.

The Apology
Kevin loved to deliver a rousing (and sometimes long) speech. Perhaps his most notable – the apology he delivered to the Aboriginal Australians over the stolen generation.

“For the pain suffering and hurt of these stolen generations, their descendants and for their families left behind, we say sorry.”

This apology was a big step in the Australian reconciliation process and was one of Mr Rudd’s first acts of parliament when he was elected Prime Minister.

Kevin 07

What a stroke of luck that his name rhymes with seven, the Kevin 07 campaign is one of the most memorable election campaigns especially in Brisbane. This is most likely because of the catchy title and Kevin’s local roots. A Queenslander through and through Kevin can be seen all around the City.

Back stabbing bonanza
Unfortunately I think Mr Rudd will mostly be remembered for the back stabbing saga with Julia Gillard, not Australia’s most shining moments and yes it is moment because it happened twice.

In 2010 Rudd was ousted as Prime Minister by Julia Gillard, fast forward to 2013 and Kevin is back in a Prime Minister after Gillard is given the boot.

Overall I think Kevin Rudd retiring is slightly sad, despite his faults he definitely made politics a lot more entertaining. Prime Minister Tony Abbott and Julia Gillard have both wished Rudd well and given him the appropriate praise.

What are you favourite Kevin Rudd moments? Share them with us by commenting below.

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