With a storm predicted for the greater Brisbane area, it’s important to be prepared to face extreme weather events.

It’s storm season and the Bureau of Meteorology is predicting storms all this week for Brisbane.

The Brisbane City Council website has plenty of information to help you prepare for the storm season. There you can sign up for the Early Warning Alert Service, Creek Flooding Alert Service, find information on bushfire management and get tips on how to prepare an emergency kit.

OUR tips for Preparing for storm season

Before storms hit, make sure your home is well equipped:
  • Have clean water and tinned food stored for emergencies
  • Ensure you have spare batteries in an easy-to-reach place along with a spare torch
  • Buy a battery-operated radio
  • Keep a well-stocked first aid kit
  • Make sure everyone knows where the candles and waterproof matches or lighter are kept
As a storm approaches, undertake the following:
  • Check and clean roof, gutters and downpipes and put away loose yard objects
  • Keep a mobile phone close by and charged
  • Disconnect electrical appliances
  • If you can’t put cars undercover, cover with tarpaulins or blankets
  • Keep your pets safe – shelter and secure animals
  • If driving, keep clear of trees, powerlines and creeks
  • Find shelter – but don’t stand under trees!

Keep safe this storm season by being prepared to face the worst.