International pop duo The Veronicas joined Olympian Alice Tait and Miss World Australia Erin Holland in a cook-off in the lead up to this weekend’s McHappy Day.

The kids at Ronald McDonald House Herston got a special treat this week when a slew of stars blew in to cook them up some treats.

With McHappy Day set for this Saturday 9 November the singers, sports star and beauty queen put their cooking skills to the test in the house kitchen while the families and staff cheered them on. Brisbane musicians Jessica and Lisa Origliasso,known as The Veroniacs, cooked up a healthy zucchini based dish during the challenge. The twin sisters are now based in Los Angeles working on a new album, following the chart topping success of their previous offerings The Secret Life Of…. and Hook Me Up.

“We’re happy we are home in Brisbane to spread the word about such a great cause,” Jessica says. ” There are a lot of different ways you can donate. We are very excited that there is a virtual component to McHappy Day this year. If you hashtag Mchappy Day (#mchappyday) on any social media, like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, $1 will be donated on your behalf by American Express. You can also go into a restaurant or make a donation or donate online.

“We’re very family oriented so the fact that it provides an opportunity for families to stay together and a place for them to feel comfortable during such a difficult time really struck a chord with us,” Lisa says.”We’re very close to our fans and through our online communication with them we’ve been hearing some stories about how they’ve been in and out of hospital and used the Ronald McDonald House and that’s why we wanted to get involved.”

Dual Olympic gold medal winner Alice Tait said was happy to get to know some of the families in the house during her visit.

“I’m really excited that even though I’ve retired from swimming I’m still deemed interesting enough to be an ambassador,” Alice says. “I’ve never had personal experience with the house but I’m one week away from finishing my Bachelor of Nursing and I’ve always had a strong interest in pediatric nursing and Ronald McDonald House has always had a strong association with that area so that’s why I wanted to help.”

Miss World Australia Erin Holland happily let the staff and families try on her crown for photos before the cook-off began.

“The whole Miss World competition is about charity and philanthropy so I was very excited to be asked to be a part of it,” Erin days. “I’ve heard so much about the house for such a long time so I’m excited to see how it all works.”

During the competition Erin and Alice cooked Erin’s favorite oatmeal and chocolate biscuits while the sisters cooked Jessica’s Zucchini Bolognese, a gluten free treat they enjoy on the road. The families and staff of Ronald McDonald House Herston watched as the celebrities battled it out in the kitchen but at the end of the day the competition was declared a tie.