The pre-trial hearing for the Daniel Morcombe case took place in Brisbane this week, bringing every parents worse nightmare of losing their child into the spotlight once again.

Bruce and Denise Morcombe have done an amazing job of raising awareness of child safety through The Daniel Morcombe Foundation Inc. Here are some the foundation’s key messages regarding child safety.1. Children should know that it is their right to feel safe at all times and they should trust themselves when their bodies tell them they are unsafe. Children should be taught to recognize that symptoms such as goose bumps, sweaty palms and rapid heartbeat can all be signs of fear.

2. It’s also important to let kids know that if they feel afraid they need to go to a safe place and sometimes they may need to break a rule to do this and that is okay.

3. Kids need adults in their lives who they can trust and should be encouraged to share information with them so they feel comfortable coming forward if they feel unsafe.

4. Kids should be encouraged to know their local areas well and have a trusted network of people in the areas they frequent so they always have a support system in place.

5. Continue to education children on ‘stranger danger’¬† and share stories like Daniel’s so the message is clear. Taking part in The Daniel Morcombe Foundation Inc events and awareness programs is also a great way for the whole family to stay involved with the issue.