Art with Altitude will be grounded on the greens at Skygate with sixteen larger-than-life interactive sculptures this October. Pick your favourite and you could win a prize worth over $1000.

Come along to the award-winning Art with Altitude festival from 24 to 27 October, where artists will be vying for your vote to be awarded the ‘People’s Choice’ for this year’s theme of ‘suspended in translation’.

Art with Altitude organisers Brisbane Airport Corporation have a 12 month Jetts Fitness membership and a $500 gift voucher to spend at DFO’s Simone Perele for one lucky voter to win!

bmag-Horstmanshof_Allen_med-resAllen Horstmanshof – Artifact of Things Past
The form is reminiscent of a large prehistoric bone, which palaeontologists read like a history book. It also reinforces the central concept of record, since newspapers (a record of modern times) were used as the binder to cement to form the sculpture’s ceramic-like surface.


bmag-Namponan_Gary-brolga-squareGary Namponan – Brolga
Primarily known for his carvings of birds, Gary Namponan’s bronze Brolga represents his maternal grandmother’s totem.



Trotter_Christopher_med res

Christopher Trotter – Dreaming

Dreaming represents water, the power of the ocean and the wave form. The form is inspired by the power and motion of an oncoming wave, as felt by a surfer heading back out.


Clemmett_Daniel_low res

Daniel Clemmett – Development
Made using recycled car bonnets, Development is designed to engage on different levels, with the intent to question contemporary human actions and global development.



Adriaan Vanderlugt – Fish Scales
Fish Scales is an oversized musical sculpture that plays at the levels of visual, physical and creative interaction. The highest potential is reached when someone plays music on the scales.


Fossil FuelDavid McGuinness – Fossil Fuel
Reminiscent of an archaeological dig, Fossil Fuel invites festival goers to unearth the fossils of the future.



Eric Green, Hardening Pod

Eric Green – Hardening Pod
Created from a single piece of Helidon Sandstone, Hardening Pod, people are encouraged to touch and take in its beauty. He invites people to see how all that we are and do is in relationship with nature as a whole and that simplicity is difficult to attain.


EA imag_ne 03

Emma Anna – IMAG_NE
The absence of the second ‘I’ in Emma’s giant scrabble sculpture operates as a blank canvas, inviting people to complete the word. She says the power of the imagination affords us poetic sanctuary in an often hostile world.


Phillip Piperides

Phillip Piperides – Images
This bronze work reflects, individually and in a group, figures passing each other in their own space and moment.




Mimi Dennett – LandSew
Using the landscape as her canvas, Mimi represents Australia through land art, to trigger the audience to contemplate the unique environment we live in.



Col Henry – Sun, Wind and Rain
Using line and form, this instalment describes some important sustainability principles in its three elements – Reflector (Sun), Detector (Wind) and Collector (Water).


Jaye Irving Eclipse_2

Jaye Irving – Steam Punk Flight
Steam Punk Flight stands as a structure of times gone by. This interactive ball driven 5m high bamboo sculpture alludes to exploits of Don Quixote and the lonely ancient windmills, linking the vision of stream driven paddle boats.



Leonie Rhodes – Stratospherical
Stratospherical is a collaborative where children can create colourful plasticine people during sculpture workshops. The young people’s work comes together to form a striking sculpture.


Cezary Stuglis, The Rebirth

Cezary Stulgis – The Rebirth
Despite man’s obsession with his immortality, the only eternal truth that we have is that life continues – but only through endless renewal and rebirth.



Jubilee Wolmby (1949-2005) – Wallaby
Wolmby carved many different animal totems, this bronze Wallaby 2002 sculpture represents the totem of Jubilee Wolmby’s grandmother, from the Holroyd River area, south of the Kirke River.



Vanessa Stanley – Your Altered Gaze Returned
Influenced by astronomy and old amusement park style mirrors, this artwork is an observatory that collects and manipulates the action of people and nature using the properties of light, space and time.




Art with Altitude is on 24 to 27 October from 10am to 4pm on the greens at Skygate, Brisbane Airport. Entry is free. For more information visit