Take Delivery Hero’s Pizza Personality quiz for your chance to win free pizza every month for a year!

Over the next two weeks, the Pizza Personality quiz will be open for all Aussies to take part. The goal is to find out which pizzas we love most, and distinguish the personality types linked to different pizza toppings.

Why? Well, according to Delivery Hero, the pizza we tend to keep going back to is more than what it seems, and could hold the key to a deeper insight into our personality types.

Surprisingly there’s been quite a lot of research in the area, all around the world. Freud even looked at the links between personality and food in his studies! Wow!

So have you ever wondered why you always order Hawaiian instead of Supreme? Take Delivery Hero‘s Pizza Personality quiz to find out, and for your chance to win pizza every month for a whole year!

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Take the Pizza Personality Quiz before Monday 18 April 2016:


  2. Share your results on Facebook and Twitter to be entered into the draw to win.
  3. Like Delivery Hero Australia on Facebook to stay in the loop. Simple!

Competition closes Monday 18 April. *Terms and Conditions apply.