Just in time for the return of Twin Peaks to our television screens, experimental pop group Xiu Xiu will once again play music from the show live in Brisbane.

The music of Xiu Xiu — aka Jamie Stewart, Angela Seo and Shayna Dunkelman — defies any attempt at straightforward description, but is definitely somewhere in the ballpark of post punk and synth pop.

In 2015, GOMA’s Australian Cinémathèque commissioned the unique group to reinterpret the music of David Lynch and Mark Frost’s classic TV series, Twin Peaks, for the David Lynch: Between Two Worlds exhibitions.

Compositions and songs by composer Angelo Badalamenti and Lynch himself were given a radical makeover by Xiu Xiu to emphasise the chaos and drama of the show. After selling out their two performances in Brisbane, the trio took the show on the road and presented their take on Twin Peaks throughout Europe, Russia and the United States.

They were even invited to perform their Twin Peaks show at Lynch’s own Festival of Disruption, and if that’s not a ringing endorsement, we don’t know what is.

Now they’re back, returning to Australia for the final performances of their acclaimed show.

This will be your last chance to see Xiu Xiu take on the music of Twin Peaks — after this, the show will be deader than Laura Palmer.

Xiu Xiu will play the music of Twin Peaks at GOMA’s Australian Cinémathèque on Saturday 24 June; tickets are available now at qagoma.qld.gov.au.