Start stocking up on mushrooms, banana peels and Koopa shells — Brisbane’s ultimate Mario Kart 64 champion is about to be crowned.

The Shady Palms cafe and bar will hold the fourth Brisbane Video Game & Pop Culture Market on Sunday 27 November, bringing together some of Queensland’s finest purveyors of classic retro video games and consoles, toys, comics, movies and other pop culture ephemera.

It’s your best shot at tracking down that classic Super Nintendo, NES, N64, Gamecube, Master System, Mega Drive, Neo Geo, Xbox, Wii, Saturn, Atari, Playstation, Nintendo DS, PSP or Gameboy console or game you’ve been looking for.

The event is particularly timely, considering that Nintendo’s new ‘NES Classic’ is one of this year’s hottest Christmas gifts. The NES Classic comes with 30 games built in, but it doesn’t have a slot to insert any other games into, which is going to leave a lot of gamers scrambling to find the original NES console and cartridges to scratch that retro itch.

Shady Palms will host Brisbane’s second Mario Kart 64 competition straight after the Brisbane Video Game & Pop Culture Market — anyone who competed last time is welcome to re-enter, and new competitors can sign up by contacting

The winner of the Mario Kart 64 competition will win a Sony Playstation 2 console. We’re not sure what that has to do with Mario Kart, but it’s a solid old console nonetheless.

The Brisbane Video Game & Pop Culture Market will be held at Shady Palms (427 Logan Road, Stones Corner) on Sunday 27 November from 9am to 1pm, followed by the Mario Kart 64 showdown from 3pm to 6pm.