The world’s greatest story of love, loss and lifeboats will return to Brisbane Powerhouse this spring.

Following its sell-out maiden voyage at the Brisbane Comedy Festival earlier this year, Act/React’s Titanic: The Movie the Play will once again turn the Powerhouse Plaza into the North Atlantic Ocean, giving passengers an immersive pop culture experience.

Director Gregory Rowbotham says the show is a loving homage to the blockbuster that propelled stars Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio into the Hollywood stratosphere.

“Not only does the story of the Titanic loom large over 20th century history, but the movie itself has had such a huge legacy,” he says.

“You see it in Titanic memes on the internet, you see it in Kate Winslet suggesting there was enough room on the door for Jack to survive, you even see it in the sentimentality towards Leonardo DiCaprio winning an Oscar.

“Far from being a relic of the ’90s, Titanic really is more alive than ever, and we found people loved our cheeky parody, complete with deliberately low-budget special effects.”

Titanic: The Movie the Play is a follow-up to Act/React’s equally popular 2015 show, Speed: The Movie the Play, which utilised a vintage bus for the set.

For Titanic, Act/React have partnered with the Queensland Maritime Museum to bring actual life boats, along with a custom-built replica of the Titanic’s iconic bow, to the Powerhouse Plaza.

“Working with these not-for-profit groups has been an amazing experience,” says co-writer Dan Beeston, who also plays Jack.

“Our show has been enhanced by the extraordinary set pieces we’ve been able to use, and we’ve been able to help showcase the work the Queensland Maritime Museum do to preserve bits of our history.”

Titanic: The Movie the Play will set sail at Brisbane Powerhouse from Thursday 29 September to Saturday 22 October on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights at 7:15pm and 8:30pm. You can book your passage now at