Brace yourselves — trivia is coming to The Brightside.

What is the stronghold of House Lannister?

Who was Arya’s first kill?

How much does Jon Snow know?

If you know the answers to these questions, then you’ll probably clean up at the Game of Thrones Trivia Night.

Presented by Man Vs Bear Trivia, this week’s competition is in honour of everybody’s favourite gratuitously violent and sexy medieval fantasy saga.

It’s totally free to play, and rad prizes are on offer, so you can’t lose, really — although if you get too many easy questions wrong, your dignity will suffer a grislier death than the guests at the Red Wedding.

Register your team now at, but be warned — the night is dark, and full of trash talk.

Organisers say to expect plenty of Brightside Trivia Banter (i.e. top shelf swearing at strangers), so if you have sensitive ears, this is not the trivia night for you — and, for that matter, you probably shouldn’t be watching Game of Thrones, either.

18+ ID will be required to join the fun at The Brightside (27 Warner St, Fortitude Valley) this Thursday 5 May from 7pm.

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