It’s Inside Amy Schumer meets Tarantino, sketch comedy from a twisted female perspective. Meet the trio who are revolutionizing the Australian comedy landscape.

If you’re looking for some homegrown comedy to keep you glued to your screen get ready to kiss sunlight, showering and your loved ones goodbye, because ABC iview have just dropped their Fresh Blood Pilot Season and it’s seriously funny.

Fresh Blood is an ABC TV and Screen Australia initiative, created in 2013 to kick start the careers of young comedy writers, directors and performers.

Included in the lineup is WHAM BAM THANK YOU MA’AM, a twisted sketch comedy created from a uniquely female perspective which uses a variety of formats including sketches, vignettes and animations to set a tone of rapid fast-flowing comedy that packs a punch.

WHAM BAM THANK YOU MA’AM sprung from the wickedly funny team at Skit Box, an Australian comedy troupe consisting of actresses Adele Vuko, Sarah Bishop and comedian Greta Lee Jackson.

We asked the Skit Box team what audiences can expect from their ABC iview offering.

How did Skit Box come into the world?

Skit Box: All three of us were working within a circle comedy creators and filmmakers in Sydney, and we realized that there was a real gap for female driven comedy content in Australia. Skit Box was born as a way for us develop and create our own comedy content to fill that gap.

What has the reaction been to your work?

Skit Box: Really amazing! To start out just writing and acting in a few YouTube videos, to now three years later having written, directed and starred in our own half our comedy pilot on ABC – it’s been an absolute dream!

Which skit has proved most popular with viewers?

Skit Box: Everyone has their favourites, but people love our Girls Harass Construction Workers sketch. But this year we’ve written over 30 new sketches for our pilot, our first live stage show and some online content, so we’re really excited for people to see all our new stuff. But Girls Harass Construction is definitely the favourite and it was a real calling card for us because it was part of a bunch of gender-flipping sketches that we loved doing. Now we’re excited to explore new territory – we have a new song called Active Wear which we premiered at our live show this month, and the reaction was so positive that we’ve turned it into a music video that we’ll be releasing very soon.

skit-box-three What are the challenges facing female comedians in Australia? 

Skit Box: For us specifically, we had no challenges specific to our gender – we have been very fortunate to have had support from our friends and colleagues in all facets along the way. We just faced the usual challenges that all creatives face – whether male or female – the biggest challenge of filmmakers and content creators in Australia is making stuff on no budget and getting it seen! We’re also incredibly lucky in that there’s been a huge shift in the conversation around female comedy all over the world, especially with the likes of Bridesmaids, Lena Dunham, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler so for us we’ve found that audiences have been incredibly supportive. Probably a lot more so than they were to earlier generations.

What can audiences expect from your ABC pilot WHAM BAM THANK YOU MA’AM

Skit Box: It’s shocking, sometimes violent, sometimes political but generally a lot of fun! Wham Bam is a sketch comedy from a twisted female perspective. The sketches are all different and cater to the YouTube obsessed audiences of today – so they are short, sharp and pack a Pretty in Pink punch.

What was the creative process like?

Skit Box:The writing/filming process was quite chaotic because we were juggling several hats as creators/writers/directors/performers. Also we all had several other things going on. Greta was touring with her stand-up show Murdernerd to Adelaide Fringe Festival and Melbourne Comedy Festival, Sarah was also filming the lead in Bedhead – another of the Fresh Blood pilots and Adele was pregnant with her first child during the shoot. She then gave birth right before we went into the post-production phase!

Why do we need to see shows like this on Australian TV? 

Skit Box: We need shows like WHAM BAM THANK YOU MA’AM on Aussie TV because Australian TV has become a bit too safe lately! Wham Bam pushes lots of boundaries and we wanted to leave people thinking ‘what the hell did I just watch?!’ We want it to be an exhilarating and exciting experience for the viewer. We also think we need to see more shows like this on TV because its written, directed by and starring three women – and we feel like there is a still a huge gap in the Australian TV market for female driven content.

Where can viewers get their next Skit Box fix?

Skit Box: We will find out in October if Wham Bam gets picked up as a series, but in the meantime we have some exciting new online videos that will be released. So if people like our stuff then they can subscribe to us on Youtube or like our Facebook page to be kept up to date on any of our other projects including our live stage show. We would love to come to Brisbane with it sometime soon!

WHAM BAM THANK YOU MA’AM has launched on ABC iview today. Watch it here.

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Watch their hilarious new video Active Wear here: