Have you got what it takes to prove your innocence and make it out of jail?

Fans of prison dramas and all things interactive will love Boggo Road Gaol’s latest offering for its keenest visitors.

From the 28th of September until the 7th of October, gaol-goers can choose to take part in a high-octane live escape game that will test problem solving skills, team work and their ability to focus under pressure.

Escape Hunt Brisbane is taking over Boggo Road Gaol, so you can experience the thrill of breaking out of the Brisbane’s most notorious cells with the help of your fellow ‘inmates’.

With the proven international success of Escape Hunt an alluring promise of fun for all who participate, the team is thrilled to bring this unique concept to Brisbane, hoping to surprise, enthuse and offer a unique great time to anyone who dares to step through the prison gates.

The stage is set, whispers of a mass escape attempt are in the air. Will you make it out?

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