Iconic venue Cloudland is set to become a hive of activity later this month, as it prepares to host OperaQ’s second Cloud Song event.

With a fresh new lineup of performers, a unique new program and new mind blowing experiences for everyone to enjoy, Cloud Song 2  on Sunday 30 August is set to be bigger and better than the first.

Last time tickets sold out to the event, with hundreds of opera first-time goers enjoying a brilliant afternoon of DJs, pop-up performances, aerial stunts, flamenco and outrageous costumes among the dreamy spaces of Cloudland.

Performer Katie Stenzel says audiences can expect the unexpected on the night.

“It will be nothing like you’ve ever imagined,” she promises.

“We’ve basically taken opera and put it in a nightclub, with DJs, pop-up performances, canapés and drinks. Opera goes through the extremes of human emotions; it’s a way of expressing it all and you’ll see that it Cloud Song 2.

Katie says that just like the last event, the new concept and lineup will be kept secret until the doors open.

“Even I don’t know all of what’s happening on the night,” she laughs. “But I do know the night will be full of high quality performances with real emotional connections you won’t find anywhere else.”

Katie says there is a false notion that opera is very elite as an art form, and Cloud Song 2 is a way to try and break that.

“We really want to break that idea that opera is stuffy and elite and try to create something different,” she says.

“We were having issues maintaining an audience so we’ve had to evolve with the times and try to connect with a different audience, and show them a different side to the operatic world.

“We’ve already had a great response from the audience.”

OperaQ Artistic Director Lindy Hume says Cloud Song 2 takes opera out of its comfort zone.

“At Cloud Song the audience can expect only one thing – to be taken on a journey like no other,” she says.

“Our 2015 Season is all about new audiences and venues; we want to take opera out of its comfort zone and entice people who would not dream of going into a theatre to have their first opera experience in a fun, relaxed environment.

“We know once they hear this incredible music, they will be converts to the cause.”

Cloud Song 2 will be held on Sunday 30 August at Cloudland in the Valley. For more information, visit our event guide