Melinda Schneider’s love for Doris Day has resulted in a new stage show in tribute to the iconic performer.

According to country superstar Melinda Schneider, screen darling Doris Day was so much more than the girl next door.

Schneider has idolised the singer since becoming enthralled with the musical Calamity Jane, and to celebrate the blonde beauty’s 90th birthday this year Schneider is bringing her Doris Day tribute show back to Brisbane.

“She is such a talent but she was more than just the girl next door, she was tough,” Schneider says. “Not many people know this about her life but she suffered marriage breakdowns, abuse and financial troubles, but she was so strong and an amazing performer.

“Since it’s her 90th birthday I thought it was the perfect time to bring the show back. I perform some of Doris’ most loved songs like Que Sera, Sera and Everybody Loves a Lover as well as songs from movies like Calamity Jane, The Pajama Game and Love Me or Leave Me.”

Schneider is excited to be back on the stage after taking 18 months off following the birth of her first child, a little boy named Sullivan.

“Motherhood has definitely changed me, but in a really beautiful way,” she says. “It used to be all about me and now I have this little person to think off, but I missed performing and I missed music so I’m excited to start touring with the show again.”

Doris will play at QPAC from 21 to 25 May, for bookings visit