Comedian Liz Skitch is bringing her darkly funny show ‘Spoilt’ to town, writes Laura Brodnik.

In a world swamped with consumerism, Liz Skitch has managed to look on the funny side of life with her show Spoilt.

The comedian, actor, writer and director has always loved to make people laugh, she specialised in clowning and even trained at the renowned school of Philippe Gaulier in London before kicking off her performance career.

Spoilt, which premiered at the Melbourne Fringe Festival in 2013, follows a reality ‘star’, a celebrity trainer, a botoxed celebrant, a PR consultant and a bridezilla with Skitch taking on every role in this one woman show.

“I had the idea when I was reading an interview with a Miss Universe Australia,” Skitch says.

“They kept describing her as incredibly down to earth; making it seem like it wasn’t all about her looks. Reading that I knew I had found my first victim

“I was also inspired by our obsession with consumerism. Everything has become about how we look and we’re all too interested in ourselves.

“There are more tanning and nail salons then bookstores, what does that say about us?”

Despite the serious message Skitch is trying to get across, she says the show is wickedly funny and audiences couldn’t help but laugh at the crazy characters she portrays.

“There are a lot of wigs, colourful characters and I belt out a karaoke number,” she promises.

“One of my characters even gets married to herself!”

Spoilt will play at Brisbane Powerhouse from 24 to 26 April, for tickets visit: