REDSEA Gallery is thrilled to present the premiere solo exhibition, “Torn” by Roman Longginou. Queensland University of Technology graduate, Roman Longginou was discovered through REDSEA’s 2015 “Young Blood” exhibition, which helped launch the careers of outstanding emerging artists. Since then, Longginou’s work has thoroughly captured Brisbane’s attention. Roman Longginou’s latest collection interprets contemporary Vanitas through a series of charcoal and pigment drawings. Traditionally, paintings executed in the Vanitas style challenge viewers of the transience of life, the futility of pleasure, and the certainty of death. His Torn collection critically and creatively engages in considering how the traditional notions of Vanitas may be re-contextualised and responded to. Focussing on the destruction of the consumer object, the charcoal images derive from a series of photographs that documented the shredding and ripping of business shirts. Through this cathartic process, several parts of the shirts were torn away, isolated and rearranged in a composition that emphasised both the fragility and delicacy of the material. There is a sense of static dynamism in Longginou’s collection, as pieces of fabric seem to fall, suspended in motion, yet permanently captured in the high contrast of the charcoal on paper. Roman Longginou explores the idea of visual juxtaposition as his ‘Advertisement Series’ accepts the uncomfortable notions of beauty. His work develops a dangerously seductive capacity, luring the viewer into an idealised space. Blurring any singular meaning, the works are more engaging because of their ambiguity. Longginou invites the viewer to stay with the work and slow down the process of viewing, allowing one’s imagination to wander through the picture. Longginou’s pursuit of realism is to represent objects that both resembles and critiques its consumerist background. Roman Longginou’s work now resides in private collections across Queensland. With his skilled hand, this collection promises to put Roman on the map amongst Brisbane’s leading emerging artists.

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