This October, Aspire Gallery is proud to host ‘Light and AiR’ and exhibition by the Artists in Redcliffe Group (or AiR).

The exhibition, ‘Light and AiR’, celebrates light in all its glory.
They do not take light for granted. Light is both substantive and ephemeral. It has mood, spirituality and form. Their palette is white light fractured, where the parts are greater than the whole.

The Artist in Redcliffe Group (AiR) consists of eight professional artists from the Redcliffe area.
Individuals work in paint, print, ink, clay, thread, mixed and interactive media – and therefore appeal to a wide range of people both young and old.
Despite exhibiting together for over 10 years, each artist maintains a fiercely independent approach to their practice – resulting in work that is neither hackneyed nor predictable.

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