Gary Winfield is interested in current thinking on consciousness – what it is and where it is. His vivid paintings, although under limited control, reach a level of complexity through motion and movement.

REDSEA Gallery is delighted to present the much anticipated solo exhibition, Spectrum by Gary Winfield. With a fresh collection of vivid splashes and the uncertainty of colour mixing, Gary’s work is unique and distinct in style.

The scale of his paintings is necessary to capture Gary’s ideas of philosophy, reality and states of consciousness. With a distinct focus on colour theory, Gary draws inspiration from Vincent Van Gogh and French chemist Michel-Eugène Chevreul. Gary Winfield’s use of scientific colour theory provides his paintings with a refined balance, as juxtaposed colours complement and enhance each other.

The organic nature of paint flowing into unpredictable patterns is how Gary seeks a level of complexity that befits consciousness. He explains, “I achieve this complexity with motion and movement through, across and into different depth spaces”. His works attempt to visualise the abstract notions of consciousness, stating, “We see things we expect to see. It’s what reacts with your eye when you’re looking at it”.

Graduate from USQ with a Bachelor of Creative Arts (Honours) in 2010, Gary Winfield is interested in current thinking on consciousness – what it is and where it is. His aim is to create images of the space of consciousness that are pre-concept, pre-percept and pre-imagination.

Concepts of consciousness and colour theory blend together seamlessly, creating works of art that evolve from scientific research into canvases that now hang in private art collections in both Australia and Singapore. Even though he is still an emerging Australian artist, Gary Winfield has stolen the hearts of art collectors both throughout Australia and internationally.

Lee Steer, managing director of REDSEA Gallery states, “Gary Winfield’s work is full of interpretation, which makes it understandable why his work has been so well received by international audiences. It’s not just a field of colour that Gary presents in this exhibition, it’s a chance to grasp the concept of science and art melding together”.

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