The Francis Wolves are bringing their heavy garage-afro-funk stylings back to The Bearded Lady for another floorboards workout. Along for the ride are hazy concrete surfers The Plastic Fangs and unpredictable psych jazz-cats The Unofficials.

The Francis Wolves are an 8-piece instrumental funk juggernaut from Brisbane, Australia. They ain’t your typical suit wearing funk band: their style is a melting pot of genres, delivered via an ‘all in’ fuzzed out wall-of-sound. Ferocious horns and a brooding rhythm section, matched by ominous organ and infectious congas will transport you to a Sergio Leone film set by way of the dance-floors of Africa.

Take one part insane surf guitar with a punch of dirty garage styled punk rock, and you have, The Plastic Fangs!

Out of Brisbane, this newly transformed four piece have a unique, raw, catchy sound, filled with energetic, anthemic songs based around frenetic surf guitar inspired riffs being hammered into place by driving primal drums!

Showcasing tracks from their forthcoming EP titled Holey Moley out later this year, intensity, atmosphere and energy are all things to expect when you see the Fangs live!!

The Unofficials are an experimental band, who love music for what it is. They haven’t forgotten what music is: An infinitely old practice of communication and expression, without barriers and without laws. Music is food for the soul.

The Unofficials started as a two piece in James Brown’s garage in 2005, over time they became a power trio, then adopted keys, then eventually adopted other members. Their lineup looks to be continually changing, not unlike their sound. Their sound is diverse and covers many genres including Blues/Jazz/Prog/Psych/Pop and elements of Latin.

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