Barry Morgan is the ultimate home organ salesman and owner of the World Of Organs store situated in the beautiful Sunnyside Mall, Adelaide. When he’s not busy giving the public the best organ deals in town, you can catch him performing live, sharing the ‘Joy Of The Organ’.

Barry wants to take you out of this world where no organ has gone before. For Space Travellers and Organ Lovers alike, Barry will play all the great cosmic hits from Star Wars to Space Invaders and beyond! You will be dancing amongst the stars as you get Spaced Out with Barry Morgan!

Barry is returning to Brisbane for a very special night of organ magic on the magnificent Christie and the golden syrup sounds of his vintage 1980s Hammond Aurora Classic.

TOSA Q presents all events in comfortable cabaret style seating with multimedia cameras and projectors to capture every angle of Barry’s glistening smile and dazzling finger action!

Fire ‘N’ Dough – Wood Fired Pizza will be at the Spaced Out event. Enjoy dinner before the show by ordering your pizza on arrival, a drink from the bar and secure your seat (cabaret style) to see and hear all the action on stage. Pizzas and drinks will be available throughout the show and during the intermission.

Location map: