Ready to get funky?

J-Funk infuses catchy melodies, slick vocal and instrumental harmonies, with funky rhythms, and jazz orientated chords to create his own slick style of soul music.

J-Funk returned to Brisbane in 2013 after spending 7 years in the London music scene. As well as performing regularly in London and around the UK, he was able to perform in many other countries including USA, Ireland, Portugal, Germany and Sweden.
J-Funk is bringing his 6-piece band to NightQuarter with soulful and funky grooves and the Sunshine Coast’s Hayden Hack will be opening the night. Hailing from the liberated musical landscape of modern South Africa, Hayden Hack plays his own brand of funky afro-inspired journeyman music. Get ready for a funky night at NightQuarter.

Location map: