Time travel the easy way at History Alive: A Journey Through Time

History Alive is Queensland’s biggest multi-period history event. More than 400 re-enactors and historians set up camp at the iconic Fort Lytton National Park to portray and display 2000 years of history.

In 2015, these passionate hobbyists and volunteers shared their love of history with over 3,600 visitors from around Queensland and the world.

Each day, visitors can experience Roman, Viking, Medieval, Napoleonic, Colonial and World War activities. Whether you’re a history buff or eager to learn, there is something for everyone.

Colonial dance workshops, Viking cooking demonstrations, historical talks, Medieval tournaments and WWI battle re-enactments are just a few of the opportunities you will have to connect with history.

Come and immerse yourself in the sights and sounds of times gone past because history is best experienced in action!

Location map: