Be part of an exhibition program co-presented by Metro Arts and Zoe Knight from 25 May – 11 June, which includes a drawing session on the final day, for which you will be provided with slate, fibre cement, tiles, pencils, charcoal, chalk and some cartridge, or you can bring your own materials  if you’d like to take your creation home with you.

Untitled #5 is a development in Zoe Knight’s continued investigation into ideas that stem from Minimalism and Post-Minimalism including tactile relationships between material, process and installation. It explores Zoe’s role as maker demonstrating her involvement from the initial finding and processing of materials, on to installation options and audience engagement.

Zoe Knight’s practice as an artist is shaped by her interest in the materiality of objects, discovering and abstracting found malleable and repurposed industrial materials, as well as relationships between object, exhibition space, and the viewer.

Currently, her practice seeks to draw the viewer’s attention to an awareness of their body in space and the features of the gallery through mapping the floor with miniature-sized objects grouped in relation to one another, coupled with architectural intervention. Objects are arranged with their formal and aesthetic features in mind especially balance, texture, and shape. Zoe’s work reflects the social and industrial environment of the area through the use of discarded materials from workshops, surplus material from suppliers, bins and the streets.

During the exhibition Zoe will be inviting other artists to respond to Untitled #5, extending the installation and encouraging other ways of engagement.

Location map: