The Old Museum will be a particularly fitting performance space for Queensland Wind and Brass when they present their All Creatures Great and Small concert.

Its long history as a museum and the imposing architecture of the building create the perfect venue in which to showcase music that will conjure up images of scary creatures from phobia-inducing spiders, the shark from Jaws and science fiction monster Godzilla

It won’t be all fright tactics however with other music on the program recalling cuter creatures such as Mole, Toad and Badger from Wind in the Willows and Australia’s favourite movie pig, Babe.

Queensland Wind and Brass is an A-grade wind ensemble that has been entertaining Brisbane audiences for over 25 years.

It provides an opportunity for talented musicians from Year 12 onwards to continue performing.

This family friendly event is sure to please young and old considering much of the music will stir memories of classic books and films.

Location map: