Brisbane Powerhouse will welcome artists from Australia, Belgium, Cambodia, Indonesia, Korea, New Zealand, Taiwan, UK and USA to present a program of contemporary performance at WTF16, taking place from 18-27 February 2016.

WTF16 will run alongside the Australian Performing Arts Market (APAM) for the second time, following their initial pairing in 2014.

This year, lovers of technology and the arts will get to see the two combine in innovative dance production Huang Yi & KUKA and New Zealand’s Okareka Dance present Mana Wahine, a powerful work that combines dance, film and theatre.

New York’s undisputed queen of the underground Penny Arcade will deliver a rousing rumination inspired by four decades of pop culture in the multi-award winning Longing Lasts Longer. Companion pieces BigMoutH and SmallWaR will also take audiences on a virtuosic journey through history.

Rising UK performer Chris Thorpe presents a powerful analysis of beliefs in Confirmation, while Piece for Person and Ghetto Blaster also calls in to question society’s decision making processes.

Those looking for colourful stories and musical adventures will enjoy the world premiere of Motherboard Productions’심청 ⟨Shimchong⟩: Daughter Overboard! and Club WTF’s free late night shows: Hanuman Spaceman by The Cambodian Space Project, The Lepidopters: A Space Opera and HH: Syn-Infection.

A new program of free club nights, is also being introduced this year. Club WTF features a series of wild and wonderful international music artists over three nights and will give people the chance to hang around, grab a drink and really soak up the festival vibe.

APAM is the premier biennial industry event for contemporary performing arts in the Asia Pacific region. Over 600 artists, presenters and producers from around the globe will discover Australia and New Zealand’s best creative works, find new collaborators, network with fellow professionals, and meet key arts funding and development agencies to build and negotiate international and national tours.

With so much fun to be had this month, you can’t miss WFT16!

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