The Sleeping Beauty is a must-see for all who love the art of classical ballet.

At her sixteenth birthday party, Princess Aurora pricks her finger on a rose thorn and succumbs to a spell cast upon her at her christening by the wicked fairy Carabosse. The Lilac Fairy intervenes and causes an enchanted sleep to descend upon the palace. After one hundred years, Aurora is woken from her slumber by a Prince’s gentle kiss, and joyous celebrations follow.

Set to Tchaikovsky’s famous music, The Sleeping Beauty is a classical masterpiece. With majestic sets and Renaissance-inspired costumes, Greg Horsman’s production honours tradition and sparkles with spectacular choreography and a cast of fanciful characters.

Thanks to funding from the Queensland Government’s Super Star Fund, The Sleeping Beauty will feature three performances by internationally-acclaimed ballet star Alina Cojocaru for the evening performances on Friday 23 October, Saturday 24 October and Tuesday 27 October.

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