For the first time in a few years, Dead Shades are finally in the same city which means we can party!

Garage trio Dead Shades are playing a rare live show to celebrate all being in the same city and to kick off their crowd-funding efforts to stamp their ‘Garage A Trois’ EP on vinyl.

Since their last live show in 2013, guitarist/vocalist Brian L’Huillier has explored his cooler side in The Francis Wolves (who recently launched their debut 7”), Anthony Gould has continued frontman duties with hardcore punks Spitfireliar (last seen puking on tour with King Parrot) and drummer Crystle Fleper has taken on a challenge to drink all of Melbourne’s shandies.

Before Crystle relocated south the band partied for a weekend at Nowhere Audio with Donovan Miller and recorded 4 tracks that have so far only surfaced online. A limited run of the ‘Garage A Trois’ 7” is scheduled for release in summer, where they’ll likely get together for another round of shandies and shows along the East Coast to celebrate.

Joining in the raucous at The Bearded Lady is alternative rock 6-piece Vulture Circus and Andrew Jelinek’s post-rock experiment Acid on Andy. With psychedelic visuals courtesy of projection artist Daniel Jones, this party will get sweaty and hectic, whilst delivering a sonic smorgasbord of everything alternative rock.

Location map: