Post-show blues. The Monday after. Suffering for your art.
Do we keep accepting the archetypes – or is it time to split them open?

In Theatre, there is open acknowledgment of the ‘post show blues’ that happen after the lights go down. There have been strong links made between individuals working in all areas of the arts and tendency for mental illness. Recent studies done in Australia with actors show that within this sample group, actors are ‘drinking themselves to death’, have huge levels of mental vulnerability and are impacted heavily by lack of pay, job instability and lack of safe measures. Is this something that is acceptable?

After The Lights is a one day community forum presented as part of National Mental Health Week. It exists to de-mystify mental health issues and frame the common struggle in a difficult mental landscape, and for artists to investigate and articulate sensitive topics. It is targeted towards arts makers and lovers, those who have struggled with these issues, those who would like to understand more, and those who would like to create positive impact.

We want to spark an ongoing discussion, debate and awareness raising. It starts here. After the lights go down, we wish to raise them up on the important issues of our industry.

After the Lights is a free event but due to limited capacity bookings are essential. Ticket reservations are limited to one per person, per session.

Location map: