The purpose of this annual event, now in its sixth year is to bring together government, non-government and private sector services in the one place to share their resource information with the community. Stalls will be set up to provide information on Carer, Health, Education, Housing, Employment, Lifestyle Support, Recreation, Veterans, Youth, Advocacy, Multicultural, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander and Social Support Services available in our local community.

For 2015, the theme of the expo will be: “Have a Chuckle… Laughter is Great Medicine for Mental Wellness”!

Recovery from mental illness is a complex individual process. For many, noticing the lighter side of life has been useful to recovery journeys as well as for those supporting and caring for people with mental health issues. Laughter, like a smile shared, potentially can provide not only comic relief, but a way to unite us as a society in breaking down stigma in mutual joyful experiences, and empathy.

The 2015 event will promote social and emotional wellbeing, encouraging people to look at the bright side of life and celebrate that we are all a little bit creatively maladjusted! It is anticipated that the event will provide information, connect people with support options, as well as reduce stigma, and promote positive mental health awareness.