We are holding a Korean Food Tasting and Fundraising Event to introduce Korean food and culture to the local society and to help contribute in helping the children in needs for their brighter future.

Our health and lifestyles are highly affected by the food we eat, and in that sense, Korean food could help us to live healthier lives as it is some of the healthiest on earth. They are cooked with an emphasis on vegetables, meats cooked simply and without much oil, and a near obsession with the fermented vegetable kimchi, which can be something of an acquired taste of non-Koreans.

We are presenting some of the most popular and delicious Korean dishes and various types of snacks at our event for free and for very cheap price. Along with that, there will be three different traditional Korean games you can join and play to be the lucky winner of the prize and we will take photos of you dressed up in the beautiful traditional Korean costumes. You can also contribute in helping the children who are in desperate needs by making donations or by simply participating in our event as all proceeds from this event will go to the charity(Act for Kids).

ANYONE and EVERYONE is welcome to join to be the part of our specially presented event.

Location map: