It’s that time of year again, Brisbane Writer Festival is holding its inaugural Inspire Festival.

If you need a positive boost Inspire Festival is the place to be! It’s designed to evoke inspired thought and positive action into your life featuring inspirational guest speakers from all over the world including happiness habits expert Gretchen Rubin, Cross of Valour recipient Allan Sparkes, international journalist Hannah Pool and design guru Vince Frost.

On the day, there will be a morning and afternoon session which explore themes that will not only surprise, challenge and provoke you, but most importantly inspire you.

Inspire Live will start at 9am where you’ll get to meet four amazing people, each with a unique story to tell.

Inspire Life will start at 2pm, featuring five guest speakers. These speakers will not only help you discover the little things in life, but show you how you can improve your life by transforming your unpleasant habits into positive ones.

Inspire Festival will really make you think, feel and act! Get inspired and check out Inspire Festival!

Location map: