Mandy Nolan has performed as a stand-up comedian for 25 years.

She was just 17 when she first found herself on stage, braving wild crowds as a beginner stand up. “It was terrifying! I was terrible!” she laughs. “Fortunately I have high self esteem, so I didn’t seem to notice!” Nolan credits resilience and persistence in paving the way for a stand up comedy career that has not only endured it has had hard to impress comedic legends such as Austen Tayshus declaring that “she is one of the strongest female talents in the country”.

Mandy‚Äôs stand-up is known and loved for its rapid fire philosophical philandering and esoteric observations that emerge from the musings of what she describes as “a woman whose dilemma it is to navigate the new frontiers in the suburban badlands of human relationships.”
Audiences adore Mandy on stage, and around Byron Bay where she lives, Mandy-jokes are as much a part of the vernacular as any surf speak.

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