Babushka beckons you into their musical dreamhouse for a very grown-up play-date with the first childhood BFF, the doll.

Swinging like a ragdoll between cute and creepy, the Babushka gals will nurse dolls, break dolls and become dolls in their original arrangements of everything from Regurgitator to Offenbach.

Prepare to be seduced, comforted and tickled all to a darkly comedic musical playlist featuring everything from opera, 80s pop, nursery rhymes and rock’n’roll. Stroll down the sinister side of memory lane and see the world through a doll’s eyes: how do we use them to objectify, pacify, falsify and deny?

Become like Barbie, cuddle your Cabbage Patch baby, stick pins in your voodoo doll (never in your blow-up doll), behave like a Bratz doll, but don’t miss this all-new production from these Polly Pockets with the pipes, last seen at the Judy in ‘I Can Keep A Secret’.

Location map: