Provocative and thought-provoking, Sex With Strangers is back for a second season and will make you sit up and really start thinking about sex in our digital age.

Does wi-fi affect your sex life? Do you think about the impact of facebook on your future romantic liaisons? Sex With Strangers takes a long hard look at how much your past can affect your future and questions how much you might regret that all aspects of your life are now recorded forever online.

Starring actors Thomas Larkin and Veronica Neave and directed by Jennifer Flowers, Sex With Strangers was written by acclaimed US author Laura Eason and examines new-age relationships and the near impossibility of reinventing oneself when the past is just a click away.

Relationships, love and sex are universally discussed topics that everyone on some level can connect with. We chatted to the two stars of the show and asked them how they feel about getting naked on stage… again.

This is round two playing these characters – are you excited or nervous? Is the second time easier or is there more pressure?
V: Very excited to go another round as the show will become richer and even more enjoyable for the audience.
T: I think there is always a degree of pressure when remounting a show. On one hand the show did very well the first time around so we have a following, but of course it is important to never rest on your laurels and expect everything to play into your hand. Especially when you are competing for attention amidst a state election.

Describe the show in a single sentence?
V: Sex with strangers is a collision of two minds, two bodies and two extraordinary careers.
T: A relationship rollercoaster ride that explores some very intriguing and challenging twists and turns that we very rarely share with each other but so often experience in one form or other.

Why should people come see this play? What will they learn and/ or experience that they wouldn’t have otherwise?
V: On one level people should see this show because it is enormously entertaining. It’s funny, sexy, sad and romantic. On another level the play crystallises some fundamental issues we face as a modern society with regards to the online universe.
T: Sex With Strangers reminds us that we are all fallible as it guides us through the rocky terrain of relationships and the growing role mass communication, social media and the internet now play in our interactions with each other.

How was the audience reaction last time? Any memorable moments?
V: We were so surprised last time by the overwhelmingly positive response we received from the audiences. They were audibly provoked, shocked, stimulated and entertained.
T: Every night in the theatre you welcome a different audience through the door which means the demographic can change quite dramatically night to night. One evening we had an audience made up almost entirely of Generation Y. Quite early in Act I, it becomes clear that one of the characters cannot get a signal on his mobile. On this particular night as the character announced that he had no wi-fi the crowd audibly let out a collective ‘gasp’ in horror. For them, this is a very real fear in their daily life.

Does it get easier the more you perform uncomfortable or intimate scenes? Do you have any special preparation you do?
V: Personal hygiene is a must! Once the play starts it is the characters that are being intimate and not the actors so in that sense it is easy.
T: Eventually every job does become work. You have a job to do so you do what’s necessary to do a great job. As long as you ensure the other actor’s safety (in every sense of the word) then even the most intimate scenes can run smoothly without any hitches.

If you could tell your co-star anything about their performance and there would be no ramifications, what would you say?
V: Thomas should be less ‘hot’ because it makes me look bad.
T: You are fantastic at attracting a wide demographic of patrons to the show. Keep doing what you are doing.

Favourite line in the play?
V: “Who are you?” is the opening and the closing line of the show and there is a great circularity about it.
T: “I’m only an asshole to people who are assholes. The world is just really, really full of assholes.”

Anything else readers should know?
V: If you don’t come and see Sex With Strangers this time around, your life will be less interesting.
T: We have mounted real life (pardon the pun) taxidermy in this show!

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