Aspire Gallery will be hosting a three week exhibition by the very talented Svetlana Trefilova that runs from the 1st of October to the 22nd of October.

Svetlana Trefilova uses her own Watery Acrylic painting technique to create complex multi-layered paintings where the volatile structures and patterns of deeper layers, often concealed from the observer, nevertheless affect the final work of art in a stunning way.

Svetlana’s artistic ambitions, as well as the research she is doing as a part of her Master of Arts with Honours study, drive her to explore the relationship of surface and depth. The latter can be understood in a variety of ways – from inner paint layers on canvas, to the physical deepness of a depicted object, to the depths of one’s personality, and to the foundations of the person’s national and cultural background.

She has selected two series of her 2013-2014 works for her In Depth: Two Journeys exhibition. Paintings from her recent Moreton Island trip are set in either underwater or deep bush surroundings, while the earlier appropriation works represent a different sort of trip delving deep into the past of both Svetlana’s own art and of modern art.