Then you need to get yourself down to the Queensland Pole Championships on Saturday June 28th at the Lingo Lin Performing Arts Theatre at Ormiston College.

Think Cirque Du Soleil meets gymnastics and dance….performed on a pole! The Queensland Pole Championships will see Queenslands’ Elite Pole Competitors compete for the state title and entry into the National division of the competition- the Australian Pole Championships.

And if that doesn’t spark your curiosity enough, then how about a performance by Australia’s very own Joanna Littlewood-Johnson, current IPC Masters Champion and Australia’s got talent Finalist.

The emcee for the Evening is none other than Kat Davidson, Local Comedian and ABC Radio Announcer.

To top the night off there will be a special appearance by the Academy of Brothers, the hip hop group of 24 boys that took Australia by storm in Australia’s got talent.

All this and more can be seen at the Queensland Pole Championships- June 28th at the Lingo Lin Performing Arts Center at Ormiston. Tickets are selling fast. To get your hands on tickets to this amazing event go to

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