Join us for this one-day convention where we discuss the problems – and the solutions.

See how you can easily participate in creating a healthier and happier future for you and your children.


International Online Guest – Douglas Mallette

President and CEO Cybernated Farm Systems

Douglas graduated high school in 1994 and served in the United States Navy until 1998. Several years later he returned to school to refocus his career ambitions to space exploration and development. He received his degree in Engineering Technology (Space Systems) in December of 2007.

Douglas is a former Systems Engineer for the U.S. Space Shuttle Program and when the space program ended, he decided to put his technical background to humanitarian use, so he created Cybernated Farm Systems, dedicated to using our 21st century capabilities to usher in a new sustainable agricultural paradigm.

Douglas is dedicated to the social advancement of humanity beyond our current detrimental cycles, using science, engineering and technology as a means to better the planet and all life on it. To this end he’s an international public speaker, giving presentations on how space exploration, science, engineering and technology can be better used to help improve the lives of all people on Earth, and what that means to how we operate on this planet socioeconomically.


Alf Orpen

Director of Organic Farm Share

Alf Orpen is a successful entrepreneur, public speaker and educator who has engaged people ranging from environmentalists to entrepreneurs the world over. He formerly served as the only non-farmer on the board of the Biological Farmers of Australia, a co-operative of over 800 organic farmers Australia wide. He held positions in management and consultancy for the establishment of organic enterprises in Singapore and Malaysia. He has also held a General Manager’s position with Pure Harvest Distribution, where he gained valuable experience in the distribution of organic and natural grocery lines throughout Australia. He is a co-founder of ONEgroup, the owners of the brand MiessenceTM that reached annual wholesale revenues of nearly $15 Million in its first four years of operation.

Alf and his wife Marina started Organic Farm Share, a company owned by 346 families and individuals, operating a 265 acre farm that currently produces fruit, vegetables, honey, eggs and cattle. While organic food prices can be in the vicinity of 80 – 100% higher than conventional food, Organic Farm Share’s direct model, reduced packaging and community owned system is able to keep their prices at a much lower level. Organic Farm Share gets inquiries from all around the world and are working on replicating the model.


Janelle Twine

Owner of Seeds of Health, Cairns

After living with native Indians in Canada, Janelle became interested in a more natural approach to living. During her years as a primary school teacher she noticed the direct impact food was having on children’s behaviour. After a year of travelling around Australia in a van, Janelle studied Naturopathy and this has lead her to owning her own business – Seeds Of Health.

Janelle has a passion for working with the 7 principles of health – whole foods, hydration, breathing, healthy relationships, passion, exercise and sunshine. When working with clients she also uses Iridology, Herbal Medicine, home pantry clean outs and food workshops to encourage a smooth transition to wellness. She will discuss the negative effects that processed foods have on our body, organic versus non-organic, voting with your wallet, working against nature and how all of this impacts on our health and vitality.


Casey Davidson and Dr Andreas Huemer

National Coordinators of The Zeitgeist Movement Australia and Managing Directors of Common Resources

Casey and Andreas are the newly appointed Australian National Coordinators for the global sustainability group, The Zeitgeist Movement. They work closely with activists within the movement to promote, support and encourage the transition to a resource-based economy – an economy based on efficient resource management without the requirement for money.

After travelling to many countries all over the world, Casey and Andreas developed a framework for supporting the use of technology, innovation and sustainability to meet all human needs. With this they use the platform for training future leaders to work towards a better future for all. Casey and Andreas are the hosts of the convention.

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